With state all geared up for a low-key Independence Day celebrations this year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, for those wanting to come out and celebrate the day will have to follow a number of guidelines.

For a hassle-free movement of vehicles, the Guwahati Traffic Police has lai down a number of guidelines for the people wanting to come out.

The GTP has announced that only the vehicles of invitees having RED, BLUE or YELLOW passes will be allowed entry beyond the barricades up to the venue.

Barricades have been set-up on KLB road (NCB Hall point) and it will be opened only up to 8:30 am and thereafter, only the VVIPs can pass through.

Commercial goods carrying vehicles will not be allowed to ply on MG road and they will be diverted from Apollo point towards AT road (for vehicles coming from Jalukbari side) and at District Library point via GNB road to join AT road at Vishal point via NO Bridge (for vehicles coming from Chandmari side).

Other private vehicles coming from the Jalukbari side and wanting to go towards Uzanbazar or Chandmari side or GS road will be diverted at Sera Gate point via Cotton Collegiate road up to HB road, then via HB road, Commissioner Point, ARB road up to Kalimandir point on GNB road.

From there, the vehicles can either turn left and proceed via RBI point, District Library point, Taibullah point and join Lamb road or proceed straight for Chandmari side.

“Others may turn right at Kalimandir point and join AT road and proceed to their destinations,” the GTP said in a notification.

For this purpose, the one-way on GNB road (Dighalipukhri south side) will be relaxed for a particular day.

The GTP further informed that vehicles coming from the Chandmari side (GNB road/KLB road) or GS roadside (TC point side) will be diverted at the District Library point to continue straight on GNB road and they can proceed towards Bharalumukh side via MLN road up to water supply point and join MG road. v. Vehicles coming towards Bharalumukh side from Uzanbazar and Kharghuli side will be diverted at Planetarium point via Lamb road to join GNB road.

The GTP has also mentioned a number of no-parking areas and thee are- Eastern side of Judges Field (KLB road, from NCB Hall, point up to Chief Justice Point, the northern side of Judges Field (MG road, from Chief Justice Point up to Food Villa point, MG Road (Riverside) from DC Court point up to the Chief Justice point, MG Road, Both sides from Chief Justice point up to Planetarium point, from Commissioner, point up to NCB Hall point (Nehru park side).

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