The agents of ‘Hindutwa’ are now engaged with a doctored propaganda with an image of former Congress legislator of Assam, Rumi Nath.

Nath was the people’s representative to the Assam Legislative Assembly from Barkhola in Cachar district.

The image in spotlight is the one of a battered Rumi Nath after she was attacked by an irate mob in 2012.

That image has been circulated in the social media through a Twitter account History Of India (@RealHistoriPix) giving it a communal colour.

The Twitter account states:

In Assam, Hindu woman quit her husband, kid to marry Zakir Hussain & became Rubiya What’s Zakir Hussain did to her after marriage!

It also carries two images – one of Rumi Nath with her second husband Zakir and the other of her bruised face after the mob attack.

From the Twitter account, History Of India (@RealHistoriPix), the claim has nearly 1,000 likes and over 500 retweets.

Twitter account Congress Mukt Bharat (@sagenaradamuni) has also shared the images and alleged that a Hindu woman who married a Muslim man was subjected to domestic violence. The post has attracted nearly 500 retweets.

The claim has also been made in Hindi. Twitter user Manjeet Bagga (@Goldenthrust) shared the images with a Hindi message that alleges the same.

He uses the word ‘cutpiece’ which is a derogatory word used to refer to Muslims. Bagga’s tweet had 6,000 likes at the time of writing this article.

The Hindi message has been shared by many on Facebook, including the page ‘Rss Uttarpara Nagar’.

However, in reality the scenario of the particular image is totally different.

The image was that of a 2012 incident was given a communal spin on social media.

Rumi Nath and her second husband Jakie Zakir were beaten up and injured at a hotel in the southern Karimganj town on May 22 in that year.

The couple was attacked by a 100-strong mob.

Nath alleged that the gang of men tore off her clothes and attempted to rape her.

The police had then arrested five people in the case.

The image viral on social media was picked up from a report by the media outlet.

When asked if she thought that the attack had communal motives, she had then alleged it as a ‘politically conspiracy’.

Notably, several Hindu radicalist groups patronized by the BJP have been propagating such doctored images to spread communalism and hatred in the society.

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