AMCH entrance gate.

The family members of a deceased doctor in Dibrugarh alleged that the authorities of Assam Medical College and Hospital (AMCH) didn’t return the belongings of the physician even after one month of his death.

Anil Tamuli worked as a doctor at Jokai Model Hospital and admitted to the AMCH after he tested Covid-19 positive. He succumbed to the disease on September 30.

However, after his death, his belongings were not returned to his family members. His belongings had gone missing from the Covid ICU of the hospital.

Anna Tamuly, daughter of the deceased doctor alleged that one month after her father died, the hospital authorities failed to return her father’s belongings to them.

“We have filed a police complaint and informed AMCH principal about the matter. How could such a thing happen inside the hospital after having CCTV cameras? It is clear that my father’s belongings were stolen by the staff of the hospital,” Anna Tamuly alleged.

“When I went to receive him for his last rites, none of his belongings were handed over to us by the hospital authorities. He was wearing a gold chain around his neck and he had his mobile phone on his bed.

“His bag of clothes and his wallet with a debit card, driving license and PAN card were also there under his bed. When my mom met him in the ICU on September 20, all the items were there. We had even kept a bag of medicine, thermos flasks and electric kettle for him. But when his body was handed over to us on September 30, none of his belongings were given to us,” she mentioned in a Facebook post.

“When my mother and I wanted to visit my father in the ICU, the hospital authorities imposed so many rules and regulations that it took three hours for my mother to get inside the ICU. Though I also sought permission to enter the ICU, I wasn’t allowed. If the security system is so strict and there are CCTV cameras everywhere, how come my dead father’s belongings were stolen from the ICU ward? Who’ll be held accountable for this act?

“When I posted the story on social media, many people inbox me and said the same things happened to them. After having so much security inside the hospital how could such things happened,” she said.

“I’m honestly not here to question or blame the doctor’s treatment who was really toiling hard. But I’m taking this platform to ask the ICU in-charge Rima Doley and Principal Hiranya Kumar Goswami that if this is the treatment you give to a doctor, how are you treating the common people? It’s been a month since my father’s death and I’m yet to get justice,” she added.

Avik Chakraborty

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at: