Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC,) Tuliram Ronghang on Wednesday announced that the council will receive direct funding from the centre with regard to all central schemes.

Addressing the media Ronghang said, “It has been a long-standing demand of the Karbi people that funds should be directly remitted by the central government to the Council to do away with the needless delay in their release by the state secretariat.”

“After our relentless efforts, the centre has agreed to provide direct funds for all centrally funded schemes to KAAC,” he added.

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The centrally funded schemes include NLCPR, AIBP, MoS package, Niti Ayog, 5th Finance Commission and other schemes.

The CEM also said an account has been opened to receive the funds as per the direction of the centre.

Attacking the opposition Ronghang said that there cannot be a Panchayati Raj in the 6th Schedule areas.

The government website maintains a uniform system throughout the country including the 6th Schedule areas as ‘gram panchayat’ (GP) and its head as ‘sarpanch’.

The data for Karbi Anglong is also available on the website in this system.

In Karbi Anglong there is a village development committee instead of gram panchayat and chairman in lieu of sarpanch.

Ronghang said the opposition, taking advantage of this tried to mislead the Karbi people.

Nongee Terang

Nongee Terang is Northeast Now Correspondent in Diphu. He can be reached at: