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Septuagenarian Nabin Chandra Dutta, from eastern Assam’s Jorhat, who had pedalled to Delhi last year, is getting set for another round of pedal pumping.

A resident of Naali Dhekiajuli, Sonari Gaon on the Jorhat Titabar Road, Dutta said that this time he proposes to visit the 300 odd government colleges in the State and carry his message of keeping fit through cycling as well as the zero carbon footprint of this two-wheeler.

“In my earlier cycling expedition to Delhi I had tried to create awareness about rhino poaching, polluting effects of plastics and some other issues,” Dutta said.

“But motivates me to cycle is the work out I get and the exhilaration that I am contributing my mite to keep this planet clean and green,” he added.

He would also carry the message that cycling is the best transportation option as many people especially motorcyclists were being killed on the roads due to speeding vehicles and potholes.

Dutta said he would meet the principals and students of the colleges and present a poster regarding global warming and other issues.

He would be carrying about 300 posters along with him.

Regarding his cycling 2400 km to Delhi with Siva Prasad, a friend, he said that it had taken them 20 days and the going had been tough, covering between 100 to 130 Kms daily on a frugal diet and his cycle bought 20 years ago, also getting punctured once on the way.

Image: Northeast Now

Recently Dutta has joined the Mahapurusha Madhabdeva Foundation, a social organization which propagates the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and of Mahapurush Madhabdeva, the greatest disciples of 16th century religious and social reformer Srimanta Shankardev.

Dutta said that he would also try to give an overview of the Foundation and it’s works till date.

Dutta said that earlier he carried bread and other bakery items on his cycle and supplied them to different places.

He uses the savings from those to sponsor his trips.

“I will start soon as the weather has cooled down considerably and now is the right time,” he said.

Smita Bhattacharyya

Smita Bhattacharyya is Northeast Now Correspondent in Jorhat. She can be reached at: