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Incessant rain in Lakhimpur in Assam and in neighbouring hills of Arunachal Pradesh has left all the rivers in the district to rise in their water levels in the last one week.

The rise in the water of Subansiri River has been overflowing its banks which have inundated a wide area under Telahi Development Block of the district.

Villages like Moroliya, Kambong, Sanong, Jogibari, Boralimora, Pathorichuk under Lohit-Khabalu Gaon Panchayat have been inundated by the overflowing water of Subansiri affecting croplands.

Image: Northeast Now

The same river is also eroding land on its right hand bank at places under North Lakhimpur and Kadam Revenue Circle. The river is causing massive erosion near Na-Ali ferry ghat area pausing threat to Bhimpora embankment. This time the erosion by Subansiri is taking place just 150 meters away from the Bhimpora embankment.

Meanwhile, on Ranganadi bank protection work the slow pace of progress has concerned the villagers as the monsoon season is fast approaching. The embankment work from zero point to 1740 meters on the right hand bank of the river has not completed yet.

The work of laying geo-mates has not been started on the Rupohijan area of the Ranganadi embankment work. Filling of the geo-mates with earth has not been completed in Singimari area of Deobeel.

Same is the case in villages like Bishnupur, Salmari where the geo-mates are yet to be laid. Villagers on the either side of Ranganadi river has observed the deposition of mud and silt in last two months following the release of sediments to the river by North East Electrical Power Corporation’s Ranganadi Hydroelectrical Power plant dam at Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh.

This deposit of silt has already increased the height of the river bed of Ranganadi concerning its riverine population in Lakhimpur about overflow in the monsoon season this year.

Farhana Ahmed

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