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The NITI Aayog on Thursday positively tweeted about a library campaign initiative and setting up of functional libraries in the schools of areas under the Dudhnoi educational block in the Goalpara district of Assam.

It praised the setting up of 40 per cent functional libraries with the active participation of community and member of the school management committee in the government lower primary schools.

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Focusing on the library campaign, an elated Rita Rabha, Block Elementary Education Officer (BEEO), Dudhnoi said, “The existing library system, where the books kept inside the almirahs cannot attract the students. But with the guidance of NITI Ayog and Piramal Foundation, we have made hanging libraries to attract the students.”

“Hanging Library is a concept in which books in a school are displayed openly and kept hanging with the help of a string in such a way like ‘book fair’ so that the book covers attract the students and they easily read that,” informed Rita Rabha.

“The initiatives has become fruitful in almost in every areas under this block like Puranibhita, Kasadol, Dudhnoi, Damra and in the schools like Khara Medhipara, Udaypur, Laskarpara, BN Union school,” informed Suraj Sarma, another official from the block.

Sarma further said that they are working under the Central Government concept, ‘building as learning aid’ or BALA.

“Under BALA, a building of a school is used as an instrument of self learning. In such a school, ABCD or 1234 is inscripted in the posts and let the students see it everyday,” added Sarma.

Meanwhile, Varnali Deka, Deputy Commissioner of the district has congratulated the block for its praiseworthy works which caught the attention of the NITI Ayog.

Sofikul Ahmed

Sofikul Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in Goalpara. He can be reached at: dull.sofik@gmail.com

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