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The district administration of Assam’s Lakhimpur has started a series of measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 caused by the deadly coronavirus.

As a part of the precautionary measures the Lakhimpur Health department has been screening all the passengers travelling in buses from outside the district boundary at Dhalpur since Sunday evening.

A list of people coming from outside the district has been updated by the Health department.

From Tuesday onwards, the Lakhimpur district Health department will launch the stamping operation on the identified persons coming from outside.

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The stamp will be made on the left hand with inscription for home quarantine for 14 days.

Any stamped person venturing outside within the 14 days quarantine period would be detained by the authorities and would be put in isolation wards.

Meanwhile, the Lakhimpur district administration deployed security personnel to ensure safe distances among the patients in the Out Patient Departments (OPD) of hospitals.

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They enforced a distance of one meter between people visiting OPDs at various hospitals in the district.

Earlier, the Lakhimpur district administration has ordered the closure of all coaching centres in the district in a bid to contain the possible spread of the coronavirus.

The district administration has also capped the prices of sanitizers and protective masks in Lakhimpur.

In an order, the Lakhimpur Development Commissioner ordered the prices of 200 ml sanitizer at Rs 100, 2 Ply Surgical mask at Rs 8 and 3 Ply Surgical mask at Rs 10 each as per the recent instructions by the government.

Farhana Ahmed

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