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The Assam Film Society in collaboration with CKB Commerce College of Jorhat and it’s women’s cell, Astha organized International Women’s Day with the screening of Manju Bora‘s ‘Akashi Torar Kothare‘, a movie which narrates the existential dilemma of a woman.

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Jayanta Madhav Dutta, general secretary of Assam Film Society referring to the movie which had won a national award in 2003, said that International Women’s Day was not only to do with empowerment and emancipation of women but the changing of a man’s mindset towards women in general.

“Men and women together should observe the day and then only men will be able to understand the problems which women face,” he said.

The movie revolves around the evolution in the life of Akashi Tora, a girl who was engaged in research of culture and societal norms, falls in love and marries a deputy commissioner.

In the process of bringing up her three children and looking after her husband and in laws, Akashi Tora loses herself.

When she is reminded by a friend and asked to take up what she was doing before she got married, her husband steps in and refuses to allow her to go back to the villages because she is married to a highly placed official now.

“There are many like Akashi Tora among us who have lost their independence and identity after marriage. It is the man who should change his perspective and not relegate the women to the mere role of a housewife when she has the potential to be much more,” Dutta said.

The principal of the College, H Dutta also delivered a speech on the occasion.

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