Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has threatened to file FIRs against those Bihu committees which have failed to abide by Covid19 norms.

The Assam health minister said if any Bihu function is seen on any TV after 11 pm, FIR would be lodged against the Bihu organizing committee.

Sarma said, “Those who point fingers at the law will unnecessarily have to run to the court for 3-4 years.”

However, Sarma mentioned that keeping in view of the Bihu festival, he has not become strict.

Assam health minister Sarma asked all the Bihu committees to abide by the law and wrap up Bihu functions within 11 pm.

And if they fail to abide by the law then the government would have no option but to punish them under relevant sections, Sarma said.

Himanta Biswa Sarma was seen serious over Covid19 situation in the state only after April 6, 2021 when polling for the third phase of the Assam Assembly election 2021 was over.

During the campaigning for the three-phase Assam Assembly election, the Assam health minister told reporters that the Covid19 status of the state was better than other states of the country and there was no need to wear masks.

But the health minister now has become more strict against the Bihu committees.

It is significant that Himanta Biswa Sarma, who organised huge gatherings of people during campaigning for the Assam Assembly election without thinking about the spread of Covid19 infection, is now taking a strict stand regarding the infection.

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Kalpajyoti Saikia

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