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Dibrugarh Subhash pally Sarbajanin Bhaboneswari Kalibari Durga puja committee has prepared eco-friendly idol with pencil.

The puja committee has not hired any artisans for the preparation of the Durga idol.

The local youth have prepared the idol in an innovative manner.

Altogether, 15 local youth are working day and night to finish the work on time.

Last year they prepared 108 idols of Durga in their puja which mesmerized the crowd and they appreciated the puja.

For last two years, the puja has become a large crowd puller because of their innovative themes.

“This year we are celebrating 43 years. This year our theme is based on ‘Poet’ because a poet plays an integral part in the society by shaping the thoughts,” said Sumit Mondal, a member of the committee.

“Through this theme we want to show that through education peace can be prevail in the society,” he added.

“Education is very important and through education one can be transformed,” Mondal said.

“Altogether 15 youths from our locality were involved in making the puja pandal and it’s decoration,” he informed.

“We don’t hire artisans from outside. Last year we received many prizes for our innovative thoughts and in a low budget how one can do best puja,” said Sumit Mondal.

Mondal, however, said their members are working hard to complete the work on time.

“We are not using any plastic materials because it causes pollution. We are preparing the Durga idol with pencils which will give a extra mileage to our puja,” said Mondal.

“We have decided to them after a meeting and from last one month our boys are working. We want to showcase education and have decorated the pandal keeping in the mind how education will help people to grow and it importance in today’s world. We hope the people will enjoy our theme,” added Mondal.

Subash Ranjan Sarkar, president of the committee said that they are using waste materials in making the pandal.

“We have showed that will less budget one can make a good puja. This year our budget for this puja is Rs 2.5 lakh. Our main idea is to make the puja in a eco-friendly way by using natural things. Last year we have witnessed huge footfall in our puja mandap and this year also we are hoping huge crowd in our puja,” said Sarkar.

Sarkar said for last one month their youths are working in the puja pandal.

“Our work has been going in full swing and everybody is working in tandem to give the final tough. Durga puja is a biggest festival for us and everybody is spearing their time after their job and doing everything possible to make the puja beautiful,” said another member.

On the other hand, Dibrugarh district administration held meeting with traffic police for the smooth functioning of traffic during Durga puja festival.

Deputy commissioner Pallav Gopal Jha had directed all the puja committees to install CCTV cameras and provide volunteers for the smooth conduct of Durga puja.

Avik Chakraborty

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at:

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