Durga idol
Durga idol being made with used syringes and needles. Image credit - Northeast Now

Like the previous year, this year too, Sanjeev Basak, an artist from Assam’s Dhubri district has been working tirelessly to complete Durga idol made with used syringes and needles.

Basak has made the Durga idol using syringes and needles in a bid to spread awareness among the people during the Durga Puja festival about the importance of the Covid19 vaccine amid the pandemic.

Artisan Sanjib Basak, an employee of Dhubri district administration said, “The entire world is facing the panic of Covid19 pandemic since 2019 and was waiting for a proper vaccine.”

“But, once the vaccine came out, a number of rumours spread regarding the vaccination which resulted in confusion among some people who are avoiding vaccination,” Basak added.

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“Proper vaccination is the only solution to fight the Covid19 pandemic. But while performing duty, I have noticed that many people still fear getting vaccinated.  So, I decided to take the initiative of making idol using expired syringes after collecting those from various health centres,” said Basak.

Sanjiv reached the final stage of his creation, working at night for nearly two months with three thousand pieces of empty syringes.

He said, “It took me nearly two-and-a-half months to complete the idols. Around three thousand syringes and needles have been used to build the idol.”

“During the months-long lockdown, I was performing official duties and observed that people were standing in long queues to get their turn to receive the corona vaccine while few were seen scared of the vaccine and then a thought came to my mind to create a unique idea to make idols with used injections,” added Basak.

He said paper, thermocols and board have also been used to fix the stuff of injections to create the idol.

“I use the syringes and needles and shape it and stuff it with the thermocols and papers to make the main structure,” said Basak.

Basak, a resident of ward 3 of Dhubri town, has become popular for finding innovative and eco-friendly ways to make idols of gods and goddesses for the last couple of years.

Last year, he made Durga idol with expired medicines and tablet strips while in 2019, he made an idol with unused electric wires and in 2018, he was made an idol with matchsticks in which more than 1.75 lakh matchsticks were used.

This unique and innovative Durga idol will be displayed at the puja pandal of the Vivekananda Club Durga Puja Committee, located at Ward No 3 in Dhubri town for viewers.

Mukesh Kr Singh

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: mkdhubri@gmail.com