Mizoram deputy chief minister Tawnluia has said that Assam is behaving like a “big daddy” with attitude of an ‘aggressor’. 

Mizoram Deputy CM Tawnluia alleged that Assam’s ‘aggressive’ attitude led to clashes along the inter-state border, which it “followed by an economic blockade”. 

“This is not the first time Assam has intruded into our territory… It has repeatedly enforced an economic blockade to punish Mizo people. How will our people survive in this blockade?” the Mizoram deputy chief minister said in an interview to The Print. 

Mizoram has accused Assam of imposing an economic blockade and destruction of railway lines connecting Bairabi Railway Station in the State. 

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In the letter, Mizoram home secretary had alleged that Assam has blocked movement along National Highway – 306 and other road connecting Mizoram with the rest of the country.  

“National Highway – 306 and other roads connecting Mizoram with other parts of the country from Assam have been blocked by Assam since 26.07.2021 and the blockade has persisted till date,” the letter read.  

It added: “National Highway – 306 is the main highway for the flow of essential commodities and supplies into the State of Mizoram. The blockade is affecting the livelihood of the people of Mizoram adversely.”  

“Movement of vehicles along other routes connecting Mizoram and Assam have also been blessed inside Assam state,” the Mizoram home secretary further alleged. 

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Meanwhile, Mizoram and Assam continue to trade charges as border tensions between both the states are at an all-time high. 

While, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had accused Mizoram Police of using light machine guns (LMGs) on Monday, the day of the bloody clash between the police forces of the two states, that killed six Assam Police personnel and a civilian, the Mizoram Deputy CM denied the charges. 

“It was Assam that encroached on our land and they came with full preparation to encroach on our land. This is not the first time Assam is behaving like ‘big daddy’. They have intruded the border of Mizoram earlier as well,” Tawnluia said. 

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