Amid the surge in the Covid -19 cases, the election commission has decided to take all safety measures during the polling to check the spread of the virus.

As per the ECI guidelines, provisions of disposable gloves and masks have been made for all polling booths in Jorhat and Titabar electoral districts for more than 7.56 lakh (7568566) voters in 1102 polling stations.

Jorhat district goes to the Assembly polls on March 27, with Jorhat electoral district having 3 Assembly constituencies, Jorhat, Teok and Dergaon under it and Titabar electoral district having two constituencies, Titabar and Mariani.

A Covid positive patient would also be allowed to vote in the last hour which is 5 pm to 6 pm after wearing a PPE kit.

Jorhat deputy commissioner Roshni A. Korati addressing a press meet in Jorhat on Thursday said that apart from gloves the electorate would have to wear masks which were mandatory and the temperature for every voter would be checked.

“If someone was found to have a high temperature then he/she would be allowed to sit for some time outside the booth in a shade to see if the temperature came down and it was due to the heat,” she said.

“If someone missed wearing a mask, a few masks would also be made available at the booth, for those people,” she added.

Apart from these safety measures, sanitizers and a distance of 6 feet would be marked.

In Jorhat district unaccounted cash worth Rs 214009 had been seized, liquor 4118920 litre had also been seized, Korati further informed.

The number of complaints which the administration had received was 45, mostly of pestering which had been disposed of in an average time of 52 minutes.

In Jorhat and Titabar electoral districts, 3454 postal ballots have been collected from 80 years and above voters and disabled voters.

Smita Bhattacharyya

Smita Bhattacharyya is Northeast Now Correspondent in Jorhat. She can be reached at: