Assamese cuisine is full of different cooking techniques including that of plains and hills. It is a heady mix of fresh vegetables and fermented food. The first dish that comes in your mind is pork with the bamboo shoot isn’t it? This is popular not only in Assam but also in other states of Northeast India. In Assamese cuisine, they prefer more of tad bit than any other part of India.

Here we have a few mouthwatering Assamese cuisines that you must try when you visit Assam.

Omita Khar:

Omita Khar

Khar (alkali) is synonymous when it comes to Assamese cuisine. It is the strained liquid from sun-dried banana skin cooked with seasonal vegetables like water gourd (pani lau), papaya (omita) or mustard greens (laai haak). Omita Khar is relished as a starter and is easy to cook and healthy Assamese dish. This is considered beneficial for digestion. The cooking method of this may vary from person to person.

Masor Tenga:

Masor Tenga (Tangy Fish Curry) is a simple home-style fish curry which is great for summers. This is made of tangy mangosteen (dried) and fish. If mangosteen is not available then you can use lemon for the flavor. This Assamese dish is best enjoyed with steamed rice and green chili.

Duck with Kumura (white gourd):

Duck, locally called ‘haa’ is one of the popular meats consumed in Assam. White gourd in the major ingredient as its natural aroma complements the meat. You will find this meat a bit spicy by undoubtedly delicious. It’s a must-have while your visit to Assam.

Dhekia Xaak:

Dhekia Xaak (pronounced as Haak) is a fiddlehead fern. This vegetable is commonly eaten in hilly areas. The availability of Dhekia Xaak is a sign of spring season arrival. It is generally cooked with dried shrimps, dried mangosteen, tomatoes or simply fry.

Kol phool with Duck/Fish/Chicken:

My personal favorite, banana heart is quite healthy food. It is loaded with nutrients and it is one of the superfoods. Here, it is mostly eaten with finely chopped fish, duck or chicken meat. Kol Phool is rich in antioxidants and fibres which are light on the stomach.

After trying all these you will for sure love to prepare these at home. It will turn out to be mouth-watering and you can relish any of these in lunch or dinner.

Namrata Sharma

Namrata Sharma is Northeast Now Food and Entertainment Correspondent based in Guwahati. She can be reached at