Dhubri Gurudwara
Flood affected people having free foood at Dhubri Gurudwara. Image credit - Northeast Now

The Dhubri Gurudwara in Assam opened its doors for the flood affected people as the lower Assam district headquarter town remains inundated since Sunday.

The Dhubri Gurudwara, located in Dhubri town, has not only provided free food to all but also provided shelter to thousands of flood victims, who were bound to leave their houses due to the severe flood.

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As Dhubri town witnessed the worst flood situation after 1988 with almost all the houses of the town reeling under water for over four days, the helping hand extended by the Sikh Pratinidhi Board, Eastern Zone has been appreciated by each and everyone.

Although the town streets have been submerged by flood waters the gurudwara management has not stopped their free service.

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The Dhubri Gurudwara managed by Sikh Pratinidhi Board, Eastern Zone has set an example of big humanity shown to all irrespective of caste and religion.

Gurbinder Singh, manager of Dhubri Gurudwara, told Northeast Now, “We are providing free food to each and every person who has taken shelter in the gurudwara round the clock. Apart from that the Guru Ka Langar has been opened for all flood affected people who have taken shelter in different schools and high lands.”

Dhubri Gurudwara
Flood victims taking shelter in Dhubri Gurudwara. Image credit – northeast Now
Flood victims taking shelter in Dhubri Gurudwara. Image credit – northeast Now

Nearly one thousand flood victims including top government officials with their family members have so far taken shelter in the Gurudwara of Dhubri.

Food facilities (Guru Ka Langer) have been provided to over 2,000 to 3,000 people by Dhubri Gurudwara on daily basis since Sunday as informed by Sardar Kulwant Singh, general secretary, Sikh Pratinidhi Board, Eastern Zone.

Sardar Harjinder Singh Matharu, president of Sikh Pratinidhi Board, Eastern Zone directed the Dhubri Gurudwara authority to provide all necessary helps to the flood victims.

“In order to provide their best service, a group of Sikh volunteers across the state, will reach Dhubri Gurudwara by Thursday evening,” said Gurbinder Singh, manager, Dhubri Gurudwara.

Adding further, Singh said that the local people and administration have extended their support towards the gurdwara management authority.

At a time when the residents of Dhubri town are crying for electricity and pure drinking water since Monday, the Dhubri Gurudwara has been providing 24-hour electricity and pure waters with food to thousands of flood affected people.

Meanwhile, the water level of mighty Brahmaputra has started falling since Thursday but the speed is very slow.

During the last 24 hours only 4 cm of water level of river Brahamputra has gone down and still it was flowing at 30.32 metres at 4 pm on Thursday, which is about 1.5 m above the danger level (28.62 m).

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: mkdhubri@gmail.com

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