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The Indo- Bhutan bordering villages of Saralpara and Ultapani in Assam’s BTC region are compelled to use Bhutan Tachi Sims for communication, Bhutan currency to survive because they have not been getting privilege of using Indian mobile networks towers and no banks.

As a result they are depending upon Bhutan currency in their business purpose, using Bhutan currency in their marketing etc and Indian currency are less used in their daily lives.

Talking to reporters, headman M Sharma of the Saralpara village said both the Assam Government and the BTC authority announced Saralpara village as a model village and as per the guideline of model village, the Airtel mobile town networks works has been taking place but Kokrajhar Holtugaon Forest Division and ranger of the Ultapani stopped the works and ranger said Airtel tower will not be allowed to install at Saralpara.

He said that the people of Saralpara &and Ultapani have been using Bhutan Tachi mobile networks to communicate and also Bhutan currency to survive, marketing in bazaar as Bhutan notes are available compared to Indian currency.

The headman also said that every household of the Saralpara and Ulatapani villages have at least three to four Bhutan Tachi mobile networks. Bhutan Tachi mobile networks call per minute costs Rs four.

Rinoy Basumatary

Rinoy Basumatary is Northeast Now Correspondent in Kokrajhar. He can be reached at:

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