Assam Rifles

A total of 10 active cadres of various militant outfits surrendered before Khonsa Battalion of Assam Rifles in a joint operation with Longding Police in Arunachal Pradesh.

Four Self Styled cadres of NSCN(U), two of NSCN (R) and one each of NSCN-K(YA), NSCN (IM), NSCN (K) and ENNG, who gave up arms before Assam Rifles and police on Thursday were all influential personalities in their outfits and were actively engaged in extortion and collection of taxes in the region.

The concerted efforts and relentless pursuit by Khonsa and Longding Battalion of Assam Rifles and Longding Police along with CRPF to convince the active cadres of various underground organisations to come and join mainstream paid dividends.

“Five weapons and other warlike stores were recovered from cadres during the surrender. The cadres revealed hard life as insurgents and have appealed to their fellow cadres to give up violence to lead normal life,” a statement said.

The surrender of cadres is likely to motivate other cadres of various groups to join the mainstream in the future and further weaken the underground organisations.

Earlier, 31 militant leaders and senior cadres shunned the militant groups and joined the mainstream giving a big blow to the underground outfits.

This mass surrender indicates the increased awareness of misled youth regarding surrender policies of the government and paves way for them to live a normal life again.

This achievement showcases the commitment of Assam Rifles and Longding Police to ensure peace, normalcy, safe environment in the region.

Avik Chakraborty

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at: