TRIHMS director Dr Moji Jini on Monday said it is the responsibility of every citizen to contain the Coronavirus from spreading and the “situation can be tackled if everyone acts in a responsible manner”.

“It is not just the responsibility of health and other frontline workers to stop the spread of the virus as if the public does not take precautions and adheres to the standard operating procedures, the virus will definitely spread,” Dr Jini said.

Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science (TRIHMS) director Dr Jini, while addressing a virtual press conference said Covid19 does not spread until it finds a host to survive and multiply.

“In order to make the state Covid19-free, we need to cooperate with the health and frontline workers,” Dr Jini said.

“We can do this by simply wearing masks at all times, maintaining social distancing and following all other Covid19 guidelines issued by the government. Only this will ensure the safety of our people and make Arunachal Covid-free,” he said.

The THRIMS director said, “There would be no need for another lockdown if the public is responsible and understands the needs of the present situation.”

Even if the state manages to contain the spread of the virus for now, there is always a chance that it would enter the state again, so we need to be responsible and follow the SOPs to avoid this, he said.

In regards to the steps being taken and planned by the health department to counter such situations, Dr Jini said “the only way to come out of it is by changing the approach according to the situation.”

“We cannot stop people from entering our state even if we achieve Covid-free status. There will always be someone coming in from other states or countries and they may bring the virus again. So we need a change in our approach as per the situation,” he said.

Dr Jini further informed that 11 health workers of TRIHMS tested positive for Covid19 on Monday, among whom 3 are symptomatic.

“Despite the prevailing situation, our doctors and nurses are still on the ground and fighting against the pandemic,” he said while appealing for support and cooperation from everyone.


Damien Lepcha is Northeast Now Correspondent in Arunachal Pradesh. He can be reached at: