On the occasion of its 6th anniversary in India, Amazon has released a video, which prominently featured Mekhela Sador, the colourful two-piece attire of the Assamese women.

Through the video, Amazon thanked the weavers of Assam for making the colourful Mekhela Sador, which are now pride possessions of the wardrobes of women across India now.

As a part of the 6th anniversary celebrations programme, Amazon featuring the Assamese attire prominently is sure to be reasons for the weavers back in Assam to rejoice.

But, Amazon definitely played a pro-active role in making Mekhela Sador extremely popular across India now.

Amazon has 450,000 sellers in India, selling over 170 million products; it claims that the journey in India has been humbling.

In addition to the colourful Mekhela Sador, Amazon has also been playing a pro-active role in selling Assamese Gamosa (hand towel) and exclusive bell metal items through its online portal in India.

Amazon, the giant e-com network, in the process, has given business to every small Assamese industry.

In this short video of Amazon, the company thanked Assam for its culture and diversities.

Piyush Ranjan

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