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Listen to My Heartbeat is the debut novel of author Prajna GS. She is the wife of Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden, Tejas Mariswamy.

Although born in New Delhi, Prajna spent most of her life in Karnataka. She completed her BE in Electronics and Communications. She was pursuing a job in the same field, in Bangalore, before she quit and tried her hand in writing.

Her favourite occupation is to read a novel with a cup of coffee while listening to the mesmerizing sound of raindrops on her windowsill.

She loves star gazing and occupies herself in creating stories. Also she is fascinated by ancient civilizations, which never fail to leave her in awe.

Listen to my Heartbeat is an apt reflection of the fact that she is creative thinker.

Being a debut novel, the book does a remarkable job in carrying the storyline in a coherent manner with pregnant pauses where the plot demands it.

The book is refreshing and easy to read characters with whom we can relate to ourselves. It also touches upon social issues like the life of a single parent child and women empowerment.

Listen to my Heartbeat revolves around five friends who try to navigate college life while trying to deal with some strong feelings and emotions that threaten these relationships from time to time.

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