Anxiety is a negative emotion that hits out when we worry too much about a thing and there are some natural remedies to follow if you are constantly suffering from it.

Celebrity nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee has revealed that a gnawing feeling in the pit of the stomach that crops up in brief pangs or hovers like a cloud over your mind are one of the major symptoms of anxiety.

She also feels that unchecked and uncontrolled anxiety can even drive a person to the brink of depression and can hamper our day-to-day activities too.

Here are 3 natural remedies to follow if you are constantly suffering from anxiety-

1. Consume kava or chamomile supplements

Kava is essentially a muscle relaxant that is recommended for menstrual cramps and it also helps to reduce anxiety related to menopause. It is a natural remedy for stress and nervousness as it produce both physical and psychological relaxation responses. Kava is mostly available in the form of tablets. Meanwhile, chamomile is a herb which has a soothing and sedating effect on the body. It helps calm frayed nerves and drives away anxiety. The best way to have chamomile is in the form of tea and is also a popular herbal beverage.

2. Follow healthy nutrition habits

Nutrition habits can also help combat anxiety. People suffering from anxiety need to maintain a special diet which emphasizes on replacing nutrients lost during stressful periods. Refined, sugary, junk and fried food items create stress on the body so it is better to stay away from it as much as possible. Mukerjee suggests that you should eat food rich in antioxidants like dry fruits, leafy vegetables, banana, figs, fish, soyabean, whole grain, curd, pulses etc. Antioxidants help fight stress better by preventing free radical damage. Mukerjee also advises on taking of multivitamin and multimineral supplements daily. According to the nutritionist, you should take atleast 500 mg of Vitamin C daily and drink a glass of vegetable juice everyday. Yoga, meditation and relaxing massage sessions can balance emotions and help us deal with day-to-day problems better.

3. Get a good sleep at night

Mukerjee said that sleep gives rest to the body and refurbishes energy. Severe sleep deprivation can lead to psychosis. It is necessary to have adequate hours of sleep for maintaining a healthy life. If you are unable to get sleep at the proper time, some age-old grandmothers’ remedies like drinking a glass of warm milk at bed time can really be helpful.

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