Water plays an important role in our body which involves maintaining electrolyte balance and blood pressure, lubricating joints, regulating body temperature and promoting cell health. Drinking water is essentially a healthy habit that everyone should inculcate in their life to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay hydrated.

One should take an intake of 9-11 cups of water per day, so this vital liquid is something that is constantly needed by our body. Significantly, there is a correct way of drinking water and many people do not know it while some do not follow it

Let’s  have a look at how to drink water in the right way:

1. Drink lukewarm water

Warm water actually has the ability to absorb deeper into your tissues. Warm water cleanses and detox your body better than cold or normal water. Ice cold water is an absolute disaster for your health as it can give you cold or cough problems and can also dampen your digestion. Warm foods promote digestion while cold foods hinder it.

2. Sit down while drinking water

Standing and drinking disrupt the balance of body fluids. You may accumulate unwanted excess fluid in your body if you drink while standing up which can often lead to arthritis. It also affects the digestion and absorption of minerals which leads to other problems as well.

3. Drink water slowly

Drinking water in small sips allows the body to process the nutrients and minerals well. It also makes it easier for our kidneys to process all the fluids.

4. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water

Drink warm water in the morning as it helps flush out the toxins that have accumulated overnight and cleanse your digestive tract to get you ready for the day. It also increases your metabolism which promotes weight loss.

5. Avoid water while eating

Drinking water with meals is not recommendable. You can have large amounts of water at least an hour before and after meal times but not during the meals. If you have too much water near your meal times, it can dilute the digestive acids and mess up the proper digestion of foods. However, if you wish to drink at the time of having your meals , you can take a sip or two.

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