A groundbreaking interim report on a clinical trial being conducted in three hospitals has shown that Covid-19 patients on natural treatment are resolving most symptoms earlier than those on conventional medicines.

The interim report on combination treatment of an Ayurvedic remedy called ‘Immunofree’ by Corival Life Sciences, and Nutraceutical called ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica have shown exceptional results as against the present government SOP of conventional medicines for Covid-19 treatment.

Furthermore, numerous tests such as C reactive protein, Procalcitonin, D Dimer and RT-PCR for novel coronavirus are also showing 20 to 60 per cent better improvement for the natural treatment, when compared to conventional treatment.

Numerous subjective endpoints such as body pain and fatigue are also leaning towards the natural treatment.

Both Clinician’s Global Assessment of Symptoms and Subject’s Global Assessment of Symptoms clearly showed improvements on both arms showing more significant data in the test group.

About 86.66 per cent of patients on the natural protocol have tested corona negative on day 5 vs 60 per cent of patients on the conventional treatments.

Moreover, on the 10th day test, all patients were negative, which could help in keeping the hospitals less occupied.

Immunofree and Reginmune are being studied in a one-of-a-kind pharmaceutical controlled multicentre clinical trial in 3 hospitals, in India.

This CTRI-approved trial is being conducted on moderate COVID-19 positive patients at Government Medical Hospital, Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh, Parul Sevashram Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat, and Lokmanya Hospital Pune, Maharashtra.

What sets this trial apart is the fact that it is the only time where half the patients in the trial have been given only natural treatment, which is being compared against the conventional treatment in use in India for COVID-19 patients.

This comparative study was achieved as a pilot study in Mumbai showed similar startling results.

This control on the randomised trial allows for a direct comparison between these protocols from the world of natural medicine and conventional medicine.

The conventional treatment in use depends on the severity of the patient and includes HCQ, Azithromycin, Favipiravir and Cetirizine.

This trial also has a broader inclusion criteria than others conducted on natural medicine as it includes patients upto 70 years old, with low oxygen saturation and co-morbidities.

It is significant to note that none of the patients on the natural treatment progressed past moderate, needed ventilators or had any adverse events.

These precedent setting results have led to accelerated enrolment into this trial and statistically significant results should be ready by month end.

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