Spotify, the green giant, is going head-to-head with Amazon Music with its library of over 100 million songs and five million podcast titles.

Right now, these are two of the biggest players in the music-streaming business. Pitting Amazon Music versus Spotify is like pitting Goliath vs …Goliath! There is a lot of ground to cover here. So if you are wondering which music service trumps the other, let’s get going.

A Bit About Both

Amazon is the company that revolutionized online shopping. Its massive music catalog has more than 100 million songs with 15 million podcast episodes. Amazon Music also offers unlimited downloads, zero ads, and absolutely no limit on skips.

Spotify, the green giant, is going head-to-head with Amazon Music with its library of over 100 million songs and five million podcast titles. Its free version lets you access all of this but with ads and a limited number of skips. Also, you don’t get to download anything, so your listening experience can take a hit in bad network areas.

Original Podcasts

Amazon Music has roped in many talented creators to make top-notch podcasts. The results so far have been great. It has podcasts about business, music, and more. There are comedy, suspense, and inspirational podcasts as well. Regardless of what your mood is, you are bound to find something worth listening to. Some of the popular podcasts on this app include SmartLess, RedHanded, +44 Podcast, and Badlands.

Spotify is also filling its catalog with high-quality podcasts. You can find tons of Spotify original podcasts on the app that cover a variety of topics and try to cater to a wider audience. The Joe Rogan Experience, Armchair Expert, and The Bill Simmons Podcast are some of Spotify’s top performers.

These two are also great podcast apps, but it would be better if you check all of the podcasts offered by both streaming apps in advance. This can help you in making a better choice.

Additional Features

Amazon Music is pretty heavy with unique features. Its X-Ray option shows you trivia related to whatever you are listening to. You can also watch exclusive videos and short clips by artists to stay updated with their latest creations. This app works flawlessly with all of Amazon’s Echo family devices. Alexa, Amazon’s popular AI, is also baked into this music service, so you can simply say “Play Kishore Kumar songs” and viola, a Kishore Kumar song will begin.

Spotify also has some cool features. Its Daily Mix playlists are created every day depending on what you have listened to previously. You appreciate this feature even more when you want to listen to something, but don’t know exactly what you want! Spotify has many other playlists to suit your moods. The app also shows live events that are happening around you, including performances by well-established artists.

Subscription Cost

This is probably the most important factor for many users, especially the budget-conscious ones. Both streaming apps offer top-tier entertainment, so you know that whatever you pay, it will be worth it.

Here’s the cost of an Amazon Music subscription which comes with Amazon Prime, giving you benefits like fast and free delivery along with early access to sales on Amazon’s online store. You also get enjoy to Prime Video which has a collection of award-winning movies and TV shows.

One Month: INR 299

Three Months: INR 599

One Year: INR 1499

This is what you’ll have to shell out for a Spotify Premium subscription:

One Day: INR 7

One Month: INR 119

Summing Up

When you keep aside the size of the catalog and common features, what you are left with are little things that can matter more or less from person to person. Amazon Music has its cool X-Ray feature, artist videos, and it comes bundled with Amazon Prime and Prime video. Spotify has magical playlists that will work for you most of the time. So go ahead and choose a service that suits you the best.

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