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Preety Bora is a young poet based in upper Assam’s Golaghat. She writes both in English as well as in Assamese. She is a co-editor of a bilingual anthology of contemporary poems titled Hejar Kabir Xopon (Part 1). Her poems have appeared in different anthologies, magazines and newspapers in India as well as abroad.

I Can’t Survive Without You 

I keep remembering you

And your wild tears

On my lips

I keep walking with you

Through the rain or sunshine

In the silent wood,

As long as you are there with me,

I capture every moment

In my dreamy eyes

With the warmth of your body’s perfume

I keep surviving all the time

To keep you alive in my thought

Because I can’t survive without you

Preety Bora

With My Solitude I Sail

My heart bleeds somewhere in the jungle

When I use to unwind my ink

The pain unfurls to sail

Through the dark silhouette

Melting at the blue sea

Chasing a dream to fulfill its charm

An untold story that I savored for decades

Sometime I take the another road to travel

I use to relax in the arms of green lap

My soul is thirsty for years

My journey to unknown

Like a bird flying in the seamless sky

Never wants to stop.

Eyes in pain, ashes in my solitary land

When the world loses its colour at night

My journey towards the infinity continues through the darkness.

I want to take a sip

From the ocean of blue velvety sky,

At the lazy afternoon

I roam around the orange sunset chasing my dream

I want to hear your footsteps tearing the darkness

I just want to be yours melting in your arms

Sometime I find solace in my words

Comfortable I am with my solitude

I transform my pain into joy

When the soothing sunlight touches my body

The fragrance of the air embraces me in ecstasy.

Treasured Moment 

As summer draws its final breath

Through the garland of green

Autumn winds begin to blow with new flame and heat.

The gentle caress of autumn

Steals the heart of a flamboyant young poet,

Lending beauty to his mind and soul,

A season for bonfire flames dancing in the midnight curtain

For listening of whirling, twirling fallen leaves.

Setting fire to the leaves

Autumn’s hue creeps in the browny trees

A ribbon of crimson hue dances with the mystic wind.

I hear the soft whistling, playing a melancholic tune

In the middle of the field

Gradually darkness descends upon the earth,

The coolness of the air put my mind in a proper mood

For the enjoyment of the beauty of the night

I fly beneath a moonless black velvety sky

Where scarlet leaves from the Maple fly, or

Sometimes, I walk quietly along the shore aimlessly,

Enjoying the calm beauty of the nature’s marvel,

A journey to ecstasy fills my heart’s corner

Where beauty of autumn glimmers the light

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