World laughter day

World laughter day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May. It was celebrated on May 10, 1998 in Mumbai for the first time, organized by Dr Madan Katria, founder of worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement.

Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea which is also called Hasyayoga. It is a practise of voluntary laughter based on the belief that it provides physical as well as psychological benefits to human being.

Dr Katria, an Indian doctor was inspired to start the movement by the facial feedback hypotheses. According to the hypothesis, facial expression can influence emotions, which was first suggested by scientist Charles Darwin.

The science and technology has given us everything today. We can access information about the globe with our fingertips. No need to wait for newspapers to get news. We get instant news on internet within a few seconds.  No need to worry about your food. Just swipe the screen of your smart phone and order online, you will get it on your doorstep.

People are so busy with their work today, that have no time even for their children. Children are sent to play-school at a very early age. A housemaid takes care of them at home. Tired mom and dad after a day-long work come home but are unable to devote much time to the child. It’s all work, work and work.

That is why the World Laughter Day is very important in recent times.

We should realize that nothing is permanent sooner or later, everything will end. Therefore it does not do well to stress about life all the time.

Laughter is the best remedy to strengthen bonds and build rapport. Your expression says more than you can say verbally sometimes.

The simple motto of my life is ‘Laugh, love and live’. Once you stop laughing, you cannot love and eventually you cannot live in happiness.

An interesting anonymous quote says, “We do not laugh because we are happy, but we are happy because we laugh.”

Now-a-days we are relying more on the virtual world, which is a matter of concern. We spend most of our time on social media, computers and other electronic gadgets. We rarely meet people in real life and have fun. The first and the foremost drawback of virtual life is, it diminishes our laughter and erases the concept of real life.

We forget to appreciate others. We forget to express our sorrow. Instead we learn to just type the word ‘RIP’ on social media on someone’s death. We learn to type the word ‘congratulation’ on someone’s success.

It is not possible to be a part of someone’s happy moments or sad moments all the time. But still we should try to meet people physically. We should let our emotions come out genuinely according to the situation.

Laughter reduces depression, pain, mental stress and worries. It works like a medicine for living a healthy life. It also fills the heart with positivity and create a positive environment.

Laughter can help establish peace and harmony in society. It promotes brotherhood and friendship.

Laughter also has several health benefits. It helps in reducing blood pressure and pulse rate. It also strengthens the immune system and boosts mood. In one word, laughter is an antidote to a lot of problems in life.

Laughter motivates people and energises them to work more. We know anger is like a burning coal, it never helps anyone.

It also extends life span and makes those days worth living.

The happiness you get by making someone happy is priceless. Laughter has the ultimate magical power. If you can laugh, you are already a magician.

The world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin said, “Laughter is the tonic, the relief and the surcease for pain.”

Laughter in Buddhism is regarded as a powerful meditation. Just think of an innocent child always laughing and giggling, smile comes naturally which is real.

In an official publication of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, William Stream concludes, “There are, however, several good reasons to conclude that laughter is effective as an intervention. Although the evidence demonstrating laughter’s benefits could be stronger, virtually all studies of laughter and health indicate positive results. (”

Come and let’s pledge to ‘Laugh, love and live’ on the occasion of World Laughter Day. Listen to good music, have fun, laugh and live a beautiful life.

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