It’s a one of its kind project which has tried to explore the space by bringing in the power of Web 3.

The amazing world of Web 3 has brought along a lot of technological advancements, and digital assets are a big part of it. There have been many NFT projects that have been introduced in recent times that have been found to be unique and distinctive from each other. But never before have we seen a project which has tried to go the unconventional way. We are talking about Crypto Space Agency, which has tried to bring space travel around the NFT sphere, which is a novel concept never attempted earlier. This sounds something straight from a sci-fi movie, but is supposed to be real via this project.

When we think about this, it would seem to be unreal, but that’s not the case as Crypto Space Agency has designed their strategies which would help them reach their goals. The project has revealed its Gen-1 NFT membership drop, with holders of token receiving a rare opportunity to become Cryptonauts. To keep pace with ever-growing finance sector, the project is taking two steps ahead by prepping up for its CryptoSpaceAge plans. Blue Origin has even confirmed a seat on an upcoming New Shepard mission, which will confirm the project’s space launch, which will make the world take its notice.

The creators have left no stone unturned to make sure this project takes off from the word “Go”. NFT membership also forms an important part of the project, and there would be 5,555 NFTs at a price of 0.25 ETH each. Token holders will also receive priority access to future NFT drops and merchandise, including artwork drops. Furthermore, three lucky winners would be picked up from the current NFT holders for the Blue Origin vetting, including training and fit to fly assessment and one out of the three would be selected for the space flight.

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