It has developed and transformed the tech space by welcoming newer tech advancements in the industry

Isn’t it wondrous to read more about people and professionals who make sure to cross boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and highest realms of success? These individuals and professionals often create brands, businesses, and platforms in their chosen niches to make waves in their industries, and many of such incredibly talented beings have emerged in the tech space, making their innovations and creating things that have attracted world attention.

API3 is one such creation and innovation in the Web3 world, which is the most popular advancement since the World Wide Web. API3 is a platform that allows to create trustless applications that interact with the Web APIs.

It has a growing community of members that support Web3 and the Web3 API Economy; the proof is its growing Discord, with more than 4500 members currently. API3 is leading the movement from legacy third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions. This helps in delivering more security, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and simplicity.

The API Alliance under API3 is the largest association of API providers on Web3. The blockchain-based Web3 applications are limited by their inability to use real-world data and services, but API3 changes that entirely, bringing the real world to Web3, astounding the world in ways more than one.

The team employs Airnode, which is a Web3 middleware connecting any Web API directly to any blockchain application. It has emerged as an easy path to Web3. Since smart contracts cannot directly connect to the APIs for real-world data and services, oracles facilitate API connectivity by acting as a bridge between the API and the smart contract.

Employing Airnode, the API3 alliance members empower the decentralized applications for directly calling their Web APIs. There is a long list of organizations delivering services on the next-gen of the internet with Airnode.

The mission of the alliance is to help members successfully to expand to Web3. They provide people with Web API and help Web3 developers find and adopt their services, becoming their Web3 go-to amplifier. People can apply to join the API3 Alliance now.

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