What is VPN? Advantages and disadvantages of VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) in today’s world is one of the most important tools that help internet users in guarding their privacy, protect their personal information and gain anonymity. 

VPNs create secure, private network connections to the internet by routing a user’s internet traffic through VPN servers which are located across the world. 

Like everything on this planet, VPN also has advantages and disadvantages.

What Are the Advantages of a VPN?

There are many advantages of VPN and the top one is anonymity. Here is a list of advantages of VPN:

  • Provide Safety Through Anonymity

Privacy and anonymity are considered the top things that people consider VPN usage. A VPN would secure public internet connections via encryption and hide online activity from possible hackers and other cybercriminals.

  • Unlock Geo-Locked Content

A VPN has another advantage that helps the user access certain content, websites and even streaming services that may be blocked in the country where the user lives.

VPNs can help in accessing the geo-locked content by circumventing geolocation blocks. This is useful when trying to access movies and TV series on streaming services.

However, this feature needs to be used cautiously. High-quality VPNs need to be used for this feature to ensure proper security and access.

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  • A VPN Can Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

As per Security Gladiators, VPNs are very effective against bandwidth throttling where users may experience buffering or long load times on specific websites, especially during the end of the month. Internet service providers along with network administrators usually throttle bandwidth to keep certain users within their download limits. Hence they limit the amount of data users can transfer in a certain period.

Securitygladiators also state that VPNs can stop ISPs and administrators from bandwidth throttling by encrypting the traffic that a user’s device generates. Since ISPs and administrators cannot see the content of the user’s traffic, the filters in place are unable to throttle it. This is a favourable situation for streamers and torrenters who use up a lot of bandwidth during the month.

  • VPNs for better Online Gaming

VPNs can also get you a better online gaming experience and also protect the users’ IP addresses from possible hacking. It also encrypts their gaming traffic. 

Protecting the IP address or data while online gaming can sometimes be a crucial part as many times some players who may be angry at others may use the IP address for crime or even pranks.

Here are some of the advantages of VPN and in order to get the best of these services, ensure that you have a high-quality VPN subscription.

What Are the Disadvantages of a VPN?

Just like advantages, there are disadvantages to VPNs. These services have potential risks, incorrect implementation and many times bad habits rather than problems with VPNs themselves. 

  • Decreased Internet Speed

Although you get a lot of advantages and anonymity, VPNs can lead to a decrease in internet speeds as a lot goes in the execution of the service.

A VPN has to encrypt the user’s data and which is then sent to a VPN server located nearly anywhere in the world. 

  • Dropped Connections

As per Securitygladiators due to the inherently chaotic nature of the internet, VPN services drop secure connections from time to time. Dropped connections can lead to data leaks which can compromise the security, privacy and anonymity of the user. Most elite VPNs have a kill switch feature to combat this problem, but the real IP address of the user can be exposed if this feature is not present or does not function properly.

  • Illegal in many Countries

With all the services that one can get from VPNs, one major drawback is that in some countries, VPNs are illegal. Some governments don’t want their citizens to access content the government deems unfit for consumption. 

If found guilty, some countries may even go to the extent of jailing one along with fining.

  • Using the Wrong VPN can put your Privacy in Danger

A VPN needs to be chosen carefully and it is of utmost importance to choose a trust VPN subscription. Always look for reviews while choosing one. As some VPNs can put your data and privacy in danger.

  • Quality VPNs are Expensive

With services, many VPNs come with an expensive price tag. Quality VPNs charge a price to protect user data and grant privacy online. And, they are definitely not free. Some VPNs are lighter on the pocket while some are quite expensive. So, be sure to check all that before subscribing.

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