Major cities in the world today are facing many problems inter alia of which are, air pollution and potable water issues.

Dr GBK Rao of Pragati Resorts, Hyderabad has practically shown how to tackle these two issues if one desires. Being a resident of Hyderabad, I had the opportunity to visit a few occasions to the place and could interact with Dr Rao.

Healthy soils are important to our survival as good plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, etc. are grown. And thus not only human beings, but animals, insects, and other living beings are also benefitted.  With the hard labour and dedication of any human being, barren land may be developed into fertile land. 

On the other hand, fertile lands can be spoiled by putting too many pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc.  In this context, I wish to highlight the endeavour made by a noble soul who practically has shown how to convert barren land into fertile land with increasing in water table and air pollution free area. The case is from Pragati Resorts of Hyderabad, a famous bio-diversity park.

Dr G.B.K. Rao, the Chairman cum Managing Director of Pragati Resorts in Hyderabad is Chairman Expert Committee (Agriculture & Food Processing), Southern Regional Council, ICC.  Pragati Resorts is one of the World’s First Resorts to obtain integrated ISO certification and a Green rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). According to Dr. Rao, a tree absorbs 12 kilograms of carbon dioxide and supplies oxygen throughout the year which can benefit six members of a family. Thus, the importance of a tree can be earnestly understood.

The Resorts has been established in 1994 and at that time the area was totally barren with the terrible climatic condition and low level of water due to the mining of limestone which made the land unfit for cultivation. Dr G.B.K. Rao selected the land on the basis of three criteria – i) it was away from the city also away from the highway, ii) the area was non-cultivable /barren, and iii) and the water table was at a very low level. Now the Resorts is spread over an area of 2500 acres with more than 800 varieties of herbal and heritage medicinal plants, etc.

There are healing herbs also which remove toxins and provide freshness to an individual through aromatherapy. Also, the area is completely free from mosquitoes, bad bacteria, and viruses. The area is free from air pollution as Ambient Air Quality is only 1.4 which is much better than any other place in Hyderabad as in many crowded places of Hyderabad air pollution is serious with much higher Ambient Air Quality.

Also because of the high water table, more than 800 varieties of trees, plants, etc. can be found there.   In the Resorts, there is a provision of ‘Amrutha Ahaaram’ (meaning lifesaving foods), and for this, a special 3-day package is available to boost immunity levels. Now, this is known as “Pragati is Heaven on Earth”.

Dr Shankar Chatterjee, Hyderabad

Dr Shankar Chatterjee, is a former Prof & Head (CPME), NIRD&PR, Hyderabad

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