Making music is quite similar to dreaming. You don’t know how you arrived at a melody but it’s playing in your head and it feels very real. Then you set about creating structures and constructs with instruments to give it a physical form, to elicit a reaction. “Makhfi” a newly released music film is a surreal beauty. The beautifully crafted short music film feels like a breath of fresh air. The film is a poetic journey of a married couple. Simple yet beautiful.

“Makhfi” tries to explore the intricacies and the layers of a married couple’s life through the lens of both individuals. It delves into how the same space can behave differently for two distinct individuals, even within the same household. “Makhfi” is a dive into the repressed desires and anguish of a married couple, and everything in between.

“Makhfi” is directed by Adhiraj Kashyap. The young director Adhiraj has done beautiful work to make it a piece of art. The Guwahati-born Adhiraj Kashyap is perusing film studies at FTII, Pune. The music film is composed by another FTII student Nishant Ramtake. The brilliant composition of Nishant Ramtake will help you to dive into the story of Makhfi. The concept and execution of the story are promising.

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The cinematography of ‘Makhfi’ creates the mood. Each visual element that appears on screen a.k.a. the mise-en-scene of the film enhances the story. Sejal Kothari’s cinematography in ‘Makhfi’ acts like a visual guide to the audience. She did tremendous work with the camera. Last but not the least, the colour grading of ‘Makhfi’ also needs a mention.

Talented young Actors Jyotishree Baishya and Kula Kuldip starred as the married couple’s characters. The song “Makhfi” is from Nishant Kale’s album “Mozoon”.

In our dreams, when we find ourselves walking on unknown terrains, we never remember how we arrived there. We accept that space and everything in it as our reality. We start exploring that space and each thing or person that we encounter within it, invokes a reaction. In our dream-state, that reaction translates very effectively into something palpable; something so physical and real that we are convinced we aren’t dreaming. Yet once we wake up, that constructed reality disappears, and we are left only with a feeling.

Makhfi is all about it, A must-watch, available on YouTube.

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Lochan Kaushik

Lochan kaushik journalist at Northeast Now.