Best VPN in India

You know you want a VPN, but how do you find the best one? There are thousands of VPNs out there and it can be difficult to determine the best one for your needs. One great VPN is the Surfshark India VPN — but there are some other popular options, too. Here are some of the most important things you should consider when picking a VPN in India.

Features: Why Are You Using a VPN?

People have different reasons for using a VPN. If you’re using a VPN primarily for security, you should try to find one that promotes high-security features. If you’re using a VPN primarily for gaming, you might want one that is more focused on high-speed connections and superior latency. Take some time to think about the features that you need most in a VPN before you start looking for a VPN. Many of them are specialized, though there are some premium VPNs that “do everything.”

Price: Is a Free VPN Good Enough?

There are free VPNs and paid VPNs, but you should be aware that there’s a big difference. Most free VPNs are going to have a waiting line; you need to wait to connect. And they’re not going to be as fast or as reliable as paid VPNs. For some people, that’s fine; you might just need a VPN occasionally for security when traveling. But if you need a VPN on a regular basis for things like video streaming or gaming, a free VPN just isn’t going to be fast enough. It’s better to pay for a paid VPN and get the speed and reliability that you need, as otherwise you’ll simply be frustrated.

Devices: Are Your Devices Compatible?

Are you trying to connect to a VPN through your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or even gaming console?

You should make sure that all your devices are compatible with a VPN before choosing it, because you should have a VPN that can work with multiple devices. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to swap VPNs frequently, which can be a hassle.

Today, most premium VPNs will be able to be used with any device. But some free VPNs may only be able to be used on a desktop or a laptop, rather than mobile devices or gaming consoles. VPNs can be useful on practically any device, so it’s a good idea to be using a VPN every time you’re connecting to the internet, regardless of how.

Interface: Is It Easy to Use and Intuitive?

Ease of use is very important with any software.

Do you feel as though your VPN is easy to use? If it isn’t, you may find yourself reluctant to use it (which will hurt your security) or you may find it challenging to use when you need it (such as when watching videos, browsing the net, or playing games).

There are many VPNs out there but not all of them are intuitive or user-friendly. Testing out different demos can give you a better idea of what VPN is going to work consistently for you, and which VPNs may just be too complex.

Locations: Is It All Covered?

In India, you may need to access locations that are outside of your own geographic area, or you may be mostly concerned with browsing the web internally. Either way, you should make sure that all your applicable locations are covered, as otherwise you might not have the coverage you need to get the data and content that you want. Double-check to see whether the VPN supports India or not, as it might not. There are VPN services that are targeted to specific areas of the world or that just don’t have international support.

Customer Service: Do You Have Support?

One of the major benefits of using a paid VPN is that you get customer support.

Let’s say that you’re in the middle of doing some important banking but you get disconnected. You will need to contact customer support and hope that they can give you a good answer quickly. If you don’t have good customer support, you may not be able to complete your banking transaction, and you may find yourself in a bit of a bind. Better customer support is always important, because there are a lot of reasons why an internet connection can be important, and you don’t want to go without a VPN.

Reputation: How About the Reviews?

Reviews give you a very good indication of whether a company is trustworthy. There will always be negative reviews. If you see that a company has a single negative review for over-charging, then that’s probably just one unhappy customer. If you see a dozen such reviews, it’s more likely that the company cannot be trusted. Reviews and testimonials are a great way to find out the good and bad of a company, as well as their social media presence and what people are saying about them in comments online.

Guarantees: Will You Get Your Money Back?

Some VPNs will give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied or if the service is unreliable. Take a look at the guarantee. Companies that provide thorough guarantees are companies that are confident that they will be able to perform well. Companies that have very loose guarantees or no guarantee at all aren’t standing beside their service; they may not be able to deliver on their promises or may not even promise a specific level of service at all.

At the end of the day, a VPN is about speed and security. If your VPN cannot offer that, then it’s not a good VPN. By looking at the above characteristics, you should be able to find the best VPN in India for your needs — and get started with your streaming, gaming, and downloading as fast as you can.


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