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The game of Cricket spurs an emotional bonding amongst Indians and also has worldwide fans, making it a popular sport. During important tournaments, people are glued to the TV screen, laptops, or mobiles to watch the players roll into action. The excitement and enjoyment cannot be fathomed, and people can watch it from the comfort of their homes, or at malls or, sometimes even at offices. Cricket has always been a hot topic for discussion, and from youngsters to elders, everyone has their individual opinions about the game. In the same way, fantasy cricket is also gaining parallel importance and is discussed with the same enthusiasm.

Fantasy Cricket, in recent times, has become the most talked-about thing and has hit cricket fanatics with a different level of gusto and energy not only in India but the world over. This is an online game from where you can select virtual players for your team by using fantasy cricket tips and earn points on their performances for a particular match. To win an innings you must choose the right team of players, and score as many points as you can. This will also help you reach a higher rank quickly.

Follow the fantasy cricket tips and tricks to play online Indian fantasy cricket like a pro and win big by understanding the right approach of selecting players that will help you take away maximum points.

Check and Analyze Players’ Recent Performance:

The first and foremost thing before selecting a player for your team is to check his/her current form and how he/she has performed in recent matches. You should not just go for the big names while selecting players for your fantasy cricket team. It might happen that they are not in form and have not performed well in recent matches. Pick a player, who has been playing consistently well in the last few matches and has been amongst the top-notch performers. This will help you gain the maximum number of points for the one-off matches. But, if you are planning to select players for league matches, you should choose a player with a good track record, and someone who is likely to perform well in the long run.

Analyze Pitch and Check Weather Report:

One of the most crucial factors, that you should pay attention to while selecting players for your fantasy cricket team, is the weather and pitch condition. Analyzing the pitch and weather before the game pans out can be the deciding factor and must not be overlooked. Say, suppose it is an afternoon match with a slow and dry pitch, then you must pick more spinners in your team and not swing bowlers. Similarly, if it is a green pitch you must accommodate more pace bowlers and technically sound batsmen. Also, if the match is during the monsoon season and there is an overcast, then the ball tends to move more and it is best to choose seam bowlers that time.

Choosing Top-Order Batsmen:

A die-hard rule for winning big during one-day matches or T20s is selecting the capable top-notch batsmen, who can put up big runs on the boards during the early overs. The batting line-up is vital and can be the make-or-break factor for your team. If you want to win big, then choose the first three to four batsmen very carefully, as they will be facing the maximum number of deliveries.

Selecting the Right Captain and Vice-Captain:

Your winning strategy is highly dependent on the Captain and Vice-Captain of your cricket team. These two decisions can be very crucial and can set you apart from your competitor’s team. In a fantasy team, the captain earns 2X points and the Vice-Captain earns 1.5X points, so if you properly decide these players, it can help you roll some big points in the scoreboard.

Toss and Make Last-Minute Changes:

After the toss result is declared, you get a very small window to make those last-minute changes. So, staying tuned to the toss result is another crucial point in your winning venture. If required, you can drop some players and pick-up others who were not in your team of eleven. Even, you can swap the batting line-up or choose the key bowlers as per the toss result.

Creating Multiple Teams:

Another ultimate fantasy cricket tip that will ensure you to win big, is making multiple teams for a contest. You can have a maximum of six multiple teams and arrange your players by keeping different winning strategies or scenarios in mind. Selecting a variety of combinations helps in increasing your probability of striking the right chord at the right time. And, as there is no limit to playing contests in a fantasy cricket league app, you can always win a game with one team or the other.

Choosing the Right Combination of Players:

Since you need to pick players from various categories like bowlers, batsmen, wicket keepers, and fielders, you must be very careful while selecting your perfect team of eleven. Whether to make it a batsman focused team or a bowler focused one, is an important deciding factor. So, you must choose a maximum number of all-round players to balance out on all the sides. Like for instance, you can choose a top batsman who also knows wicket-keeping well or, you can choose a pace-bowler who is also good at fielding. This gives you a more flexible team and can help you fetch more points.

So, if you are a novice in online fantasy cricket, these tips and tricks will surely enhance your winning strike and make you a pro at fantasy cricket in no-time.


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