We always tend to take good care of our car, be it washing the car, fine tuning, servicing, looking after the engine. But the one aspect of the car we often forget is the car’s headlamps and tail lamps.

One of the essential aspects of a car, the tail lamps or the rear lamps are the red lights that are situated on the back of our automobile.

They are designed such that the red light starts glowing as soon as they are switched on. The red light becomes brighter when the automobile stops – otherwise it assumes a dimmer glow while the automobile is running.

Do I need to Change Them Often?

These tail lamps often get damaged. It can be due to faulty wiring, broken lamp glass, broken light inside, among others. In such a scenario you are required to replace your tail lamp. If the need arises, you should definitely check out Car tail lights by boodmo.com. Here at boodmo.com you will get affordable yet good quality tail lamps for each and every model of every possible brand.

Now that we know what a tail light is, let us find out some essential points about these useful auto parts.

5 Essential Thing to Know About Your Car’s Tail Lights

Tail lights are very useful automotives. Although they have been neglected over the years and people do not really consider them while buying a car, they are an integral aspect. So it is essential that you learn the basics about them.

  • Where are my tail lights located?- The tail lights are located on the rear end of the automobile, facing backwards. Reflective material is used in certain tail lamps to help enhance the lights. Majority states in the USA use the color red.
  • How do my tail lights work?- Tail lights are regulated by a relay, so they switch on when the headlights are on too. They are connected to the same switch which activates them, together. Thus, the driver won’t have to think about turning on the tail lights separately. The tail light will turn on as soon as your car is on in case of automatic lights.
  • What are the different varieties of tail lights?- Despite the fact that tail lamps are located on the rear side of the automobile, there is a wide variety of tail lights found. Nowadays customers are demanding to look at different types of tail lamps to vamp the look of their vehicle. Tail lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the car type and the space available in the back. They can be of various shapes like oval, circular, etc. The main 3 types of taillights are-
  1. LED Tail Lights
  2. Xeon Tail Lights
  3. Halogen Tail Lights
  • How do tail lights provide safety to my automobile?- Due to the presence of the tail lights at the rear end of the automobile, and due to its bright red color, they are easily visible when visibility is low due to rain, fog, or darkness. It is useful as it allows the drivers to assume the distance between themselves and the automobile in front of them and maintain their speed in order to prevent a collision. A broken tail light must be left unattended and must be fixed as soon as possible.
  • What is the purpose and importance of my tail light? – The most important aspect of the car at the back end is the tail light, which protects your car from being slammed from behind by other cars. By providing a bright red light to the back end of the car, it ensures that all drivers are aware of its presence. The same wire and switch that turns on the headlights is also responsible for switching on the tail lights.

This makes the driver’s job easier as he does not have to turn it on separately. Thus any automobile approaching from behind can see your tail light even from a distance when it is dark. Drivers try to judge the distance between two cars and drive maintaining a reasonable driving distance. Apart from its usefulness, its impressive looks can enhance the overall look and appeal of the rear side of your car.


While most of the time the tail light of a car does not get enough importance or attention, it is a very important automotive. Not only does it provide safety, the different varieties of tail lights available in the market can vamp up the entire look and presence of your automobile. You can check out the various tail lights by boodmo.com which will lend a gorgeous new angle to your car.

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