It is always a good time for road trips and African wildlife safaris. Every adventure enthusiast enjoys getting behind the wheel and going on a good old road trip, regardless of the weather, the season, or the location. 

For a successful experience, the vehicle you choose is just as crucial as the route, whether you shall be on an on-road trip, off-road trip, bush camping, or even just a holiday out of town. The vehicles on this list are the best cars for road trips and African wildlife safaris.

No matter the configuration, each model has a unique combination of strengths. Some of these vehicles are made to crawl up slopes covered with boulders, where one crimped brake line would ordinarily cause activity to come to an abrupt halt. Others are engineered to explode across loose surfaces at heroic speed.

Although road trip vehicle selection is a highly subjective choice, in the end, these are, without a doubt, the most reliable Kenya safari vehicles.

  1. Jeep Wrangler 

While the Jeep Wrangler has excelled on the trails since its 1986 debut, it comes from a long series of SUVs that have been made expressly to drive over mud, rock, and dirt with no hesitation at all. 

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Choose a Jeep brand vehicle, specifically the Jeep Wrangler, if you’re seeking an SUV that is ready for off-road driving. What makes the Jeep Wrangler so distinctive? Why should you invest in something like the Jeep Wrangler when so many alternatives exist?

Well, it is the only vehicle designed explicitly for that driving style. Due to the abundance of rugged equipment, cars like the Jeep Wrangler are specifically made to handle complicated off-road difficulties.

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  1. Land Rover Defender

This car has all the necessary vital statistics, with approach and departure angles of about 40 degrees and ground clearance of up to 291mm, thanks to its height-adjustable air suspension. The Land Rover has a rich history of tackling the African bush terrain and offers some of the best safaris.

What impresses is how it approaches off-road driving and makes it easier for the driver to choose the ideal transmission mode, maintain the perfect amount of forward momentum, and maintain an excellent course through the ruts.

Its 4×4 skills are unquestionable, and the way it approaches its work off-road gives the impression that it was also designed for all drivers, including those who don’t even enjoy off-roading.

This car offers all that while still having excellent driving manners and ride quality, putting the cherry on top and setting it apart from its competitors.

  1. Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is the SUV for purists who intend to spend about as much time off the road as they do on it, making it one of the best safari vehicles. It has enough room for your gear and companions, with easily accessible parts, and the durable 4.0-liter engine will certainly outlive you.

Throughout its history, Jeep has always been associated with off-roading and Overlanding. Jeep’s history of developing this reputation stems from its involvement in World War II and its subsequent market dominance for practical vehicles.

Although the Wrangler was primarily responsible for the term “Jeep” becoming what it is today, the Cherokee models had an equal impact on the off-roading community. The Jeep Wagoneer’s two-door variant is where the Cherokee got its start. The Cherokee XJ, which debuted in 1984, was the vehicle that completely altered everything and cemented the Cherokee’s pedigree.

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Even on the road, the Jeep Cherokee XJ is extremely simple to operate. Its slim, unibody design is reasonably swift, agile, and robust. Additionally, the four-wheel-drive system is powerful enough to take a lot of punishment. The XJ’s near-indestructibility while on African safaris is one of its most appealing elements.

  1. Toyota Harrier

One of the most established mid-size Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is the Toyota Harrier. Its higher ground clearance is one of the elements that attract a variety of drivers.

The Harrier is one of the raised stable automobiles you’ll drive over 100 km/h, and it won’t shake or rattle whether it’s loaded or not. Even at high speeds, it maintains a high level of stability.

The Toyota Harrier has two different engine options: a 2.4-liter inline 4-cylinder BEAMS engine and a 3-liter V6 engine. The model with a 3-liter engine also has an active control engine mount (ACM) technology, which uses negative engine pressure to reduce idling vibration, resulting in a quiet, smooth ride.

Despite having only a 4-speed AT transmission, it has the Sports-Steer Shiftmatic feature, which lets drivers change gears by pressing a button on the steering.

On the safety front, Toyota Harrier incorporates as standard equipment for safety management a collision safety body, brake-assisting system, Dual SRS Airbag, pre-tensioner, and force-remitter seatbelts.

Its roomy interior features additional foldable seats at the back for two more passengers to accommodate a family of seven people in luxury. Given its spaciousness, you can move the center seats to make additional room if you need to carry more stuff.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser

On numerous continents, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has prevailed. It was in charge of transporting people and supplies to locations on the globe that were yet uncharted, and African bush safaris are no exception.

Consequently, discoveries and research that would not have been conceivable previously were made possible thanks to the Land Cruiser’s tenacity.

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Scientists, archaeologists, and other researchers had much easier lives courtesy of the Land Cruiser. Visitors looking for Kenya safari vehicles can confidently rely on it. The Land Cruiser is one of the most customizable vehicles for African safaris and comes equipped with long-distance radio equipment to keep you connected even in remote locales.

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