A close friend is the one with whom you can feel safe and openly discuss your deepest secrets as you are sure that they will never it spill out to the public

Moreover, the beautiful bond of friendship between two persons can shatter up in no time if one discovers that the other has let out some utmost secret to someone

Secrets are a very sensitive tool that can instantly make or break up a friendship in no time at all

When you know to keep secrets of someone, you will be surrounded with positive emotions like love, respect and trust from that person

However, if you let out a secret of a person, you are not only going to face anger from him / her but chances are there that he/she may forever break a bond with you

Here are some zodiac signs who are best in keeping secrets-


Scorpios are highly mysterious fellows and often tend to remain secretive themselves so you can highly open up without any confusion to a Scorpio


A earth sign that values honesty, Capricorns will not only keep your secret safe but will never use it against you so don’t doubt yourself if you have spill your secret to a fellow of this zodiac


Leo are fiercely loyal and kind so they always try to be the person whom people can trust and you are indeed lucky if your best friend is a Leo as these fellows can become very good friends as per the stars


Virgos are really the smartest secretkeepers as they will not only keep their mouth shut but will also try their best to analyze your secrets and provide solutions of healing


People belonging to Taurus zodiac are perfect listeners due to which they hear will out patiently, try to offer assistance and will never reveal your secret to anyone even if someone forces them