Mental health is one of the highly ignored health issues that is widely shunned off as a stupid topic and many of them prefer to remain silent about it

The issues of mental health are popularly tagged as ‘personal problems that should not be discussed publicly’

However, mental health is of utmost importance and should be taken care of to live a healthy and positive life

It is not abnormal to consult a healthcare expert for addressing your mental health needs as they are the ones who can give proper advice or medications based on the situations

Some of the popular B-town celebrities who have opened up about their mental health issues before the public-

Deepika Padukone

The actress who never bothers to speak freely about her mental health issues publicly is Deepika Padukone who has even founded a NGO Live Love Laugh, to aid those who are struggling with mental illness.

Alia Bhatt

The Kapoor bahu, who is soon going to give birth to her first child, revealed in an interview in 2019 that she had bouts of anxiety and would often feel like crying sometimes for no reasons too

Anushka Sharma

A successful actress and producer, Anushka Sharma once wrote on social media that she was on medication for her anxiety problems and there isn’t anything shameful to hide about speaking on cases of depression

Illeana D’ Cruz

Cruz, who has established herself as a fine actress of Telegu and Hindi cinema, opened up about her constant struggle with body dysmorphia

Varun Dhawan

While shooting for the role of a psycho in the film Badlapur, Varun Dhawan felt depressed and he even opened up about going to a doctor for it as well