A kitchen is one of the most important and holy place in a place of residence

As it is a spot where we store and cook food and water which is essential for our survival, it is necessary for us to maintain it properly

To arrange a best kitchen for your new home or even modify the existing kitchen in a better way, you can take the help of these Vastu tips

These tips will ensure that your kitchen always attract positive energy and keep your family members safe and healthy-

Try to build your kitchen in the southeast corner of the house as this is the ideal direction which is ruled by Agni Devta or Lord of Fire

You can also construct your kitchen in the northwest corner of your house as this is another favourable spot as per Vastu

Avoid constructing the kitchen in the southwest zone as it is an unfavourable spot which may bring blockages and create tension in the family

Don’t paint your kitchen in dark grey, brown, black or blue colours as it is not good as per Vastu

The favourable colours for painting the kitchen walls include shades of lemon yellow, white, orange, green as it denotes freshness, health and positivity

Try to place the kitchen sink and the drainage pipeline in the northeast direction

Water elements like the sink, water filter and fire elements like stove and microwaves should never be kept on the same platform or parallel to each other in the kitchen

Try to face the east direction while cooking but don’t turn your heads towards the west as it is believe to attract negativity and thereby invite health problems

Keep an idol of Goddess Annapurna in a rice jar for attracting prosperity

Place herbal plants in the kitchen for attracting positive energies