Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky replies to 12 year old UK student’s letter

A 12-year-old school boy from the UK sent a handwritten letter to Ukrainian President with his school’s relief convoy

To his surprise, Zelensky replied to the UK schoolboy Thomas Handley's letter

Thomas Handley is now proudly showing off to his fellow students and teachers

Thomas Handley goes to Durham Trinity School

The Ukrainian President’s reply to Thomas Handley was posted in Twitter by the Department For Education, UK

The tweets also carried a picture of the boy holding the letter

“The Ukrainian president @ZelenskyyUa has replied to a note from a 12-year-old boy from County Durham, the tweet said

Zelensky’s letter says, “Dear Thomas, Thank you for your letter of support. I am ok and thank you for your help. We hope to bring peace to Ukraine and food to the citizens of all the country and rebuild the towns. What you say in our letter and what the United Kingdom does to support brings a smile to my face and to many others.”