Street food is a much loved category of cuisine in India

The main reasons of popularity of street food is that it is pocket friendly and of course delicious too

As the name suggests, street food is enjoyed in vibrant corners or sidewalks with lots of gossip

Guwahatians are also no stranger to street food items and enjoy mind boggling varieties that the city has to offer

Phuchka is the top street food and every person of this city is a fan of this fried flour ball that is filled with spicy water and mashed potatoes

Momo or the small dumplings that are filled with nutritious veggies or meat is another street food that remains a forever favourite in this city

Chana flavoured with spices and wrapped in cone shaped paper is the portable street food item in Guwahati

Bhelpuri or Jhalmuri is another favourite as it is always loaded with lots of veggies, sauce and spices

Alu Chat is also loved by Guwahatians as boiled potatoes are overflavoured with various spices

The crunchy Papri Chat that comprises of papads along with various vegetables is also a delight to munch on

Biryani is a favourite street food item in Guwahati as it serves the purpose of satiating your hunger and taste in full measure

The varieties of rolls seen in the streets of Guwahati is forever loved by old and young alike