Kidneys are the vital organs of the excretory system that plays an important role in removing waste products and toxins from the body

It removes excess water from the bloodstream which is carried out in form of urine

Kidneys play an important role in controlling blood pressure and produce the hormone erythropoietin necessary for formation of red blood cells

To remain in a sound health condition, it is of utmost importance to ensure that our kidneys are functioning properly

These food items are good for the kidney patients and can keep many serious ailments at bay

Our desi gobi or cabbage which is full of essential vitamins and dietary fibres and low in potassium and sodium is the ideal superfood for the kidneys

The sweet fruit pineapple is also a perfect option to consume as it is low in potassium and has a nutrient profile that boosts immunity and improve metabolism

Egg whites are the good sources of food for kidney patients for getting a good dose of protein

Bell peppers are colourful, useful and tasteful veggies for those suffering from kidney ailments as it is a storehouse of vitamins

Strawberries are akin to sweet and tangy candies and can be a perfect healthy snack to bite on as it is replete with goodness of vitamin C, manganese, and fiber