Coffee lovers can’t think of staying away from getting an instant bout of energy from their favourite cup of caffeine daily

If you are an overly health conscious person who can’t think of having caffeine, you can also get some wonderful form of energy with these natural energy boosters

Celebrity nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary has listed these super cheap energy boosters that you can have if you don’t like coffee-

Get more sunlight

The old habit of sitting for a few minutes in the sunlight in late afternoons should be revived as it will help you to burn fat efficiently, sleep better and get enough Vitamin D

Have a breakfast rich in proteins and fats

If you have a breakfast with food items that are rich in proteins and fats and skip having dishes high in carbs, you will not be only able to maintain a stable weight but also won’t suffer from hunger pangs

Make connections with people with whom you can be true self

Sharing a good laugh or a quick conversation with a friend you love can light up your day and get you the energy you need to get through a hard day

Swap refined sugar with more natural forms of sugar

Opt for having sugar free snacks mostly as too much sugar can take a toll on the body and make us more prone to illnesses