Exams are the most dreadful things for a student and many of them fret for days on whether they will be able to pass it or not

No matter how dreadful exams might seem for students, it is necessary to pass it to progress in career

Here are some easiest study hacks that you should definitely follow to pass your exams with good marks-

Keep your study space clean

A clean and well-organized study space might seem secondary but it is of utmost importance for studying as cluttered spaces often gives rise to negative energies

Practice meditation

Prior to sitting down for your studies, meditate for atleast five minutes so that you can start with a positive mind

Plan your schedule very well

A routine on what subject to study and for how many hours is the mandatory thing that you should prepare before hand for studying effortlessly

Take short breaks after every hour

A short break of minimum five minutes after every hour of studying is necessary to relax your brain and process information well

Test yourself by questioning

After completing a chapter, question yourself deeply about the main topics that you have learned from it

Create maps of topics

While taking notes, make a big circle in the middle of the page with the main topic, and then break it down into the different topics, headings, or parts.

Color code information on the books

Instead of underlining all important lines with a single color pen, use pens of different inks for marking different categories of information to learn easily