A serene place of majestic beauty, Williamnagar is one of the many natural wonders located in Meghalaya

Situated on the banks of the Simsang river, Willimanagar got its name from Captain Williamson A. Sangma, the founding Chief Minister of the State of Meghalaya

As you travel through this headquarters of the East Garo Hills district, your eyes will be greeted with designs of unique landscapes

With unique gorges, lush green meadows and lofty hills filled with neat lines of jhum cultivation, Williamnagar is certainly a paradise on Earth

Spend some time besides the calm Simsang river that originates from the Nokrek Peak

If you are the one who loves adventure, you could go on a boat ride on the river that has a fairly good population of electric eels

To get an experience of a more exciting trip, don’t miss going to the Siju Cave where you have to travel through wet floors

With impressive stalactites and stagalmites and gorgeous limestone rock formations to amaze you, the journey to Siju Cave should never be skipped

Wildlife lovers can also have a good time in Williamnagar by visiting Balpakram National Park and Siju Bird Sanctuary