One of the most worrisome issues that you have to deal as a parent is to find ways of solving your kids’ bitter fights

There are times when little children can create a ruckus in the house over silly fights by shouting, pulling each other’s hair and beating one another

During this time, you may have to think and plan wisely on how to cool down their worst tempers and ensure that they obey your commands

Here are some few parenting tips that can be of great help in solving children’s fights-

The best way to reduce nasty fights between your kids’ is to ensure that you do not discourage one by pointing out the goodness of the other

Avoid comparing one with the other

Make a time table so that each kid knows at what time they are given to do an activity. Eg- Kid A can ride the bicycle from 10 AM to 11 AM and Kid B from 11 AM to 12 PM.

Set proper routines

If you catch your children giving hugs or sharing things without throwing tantrums, praise each of them together by choosing your words or sentences carefully

Appreciate them for behaving well with each other

If you find your child using slangs for the other while fighting, stop them and teach the consequences of uttering such words

Set some boundaries

Try to arrange playdates for your children with their cousins, the kids of the neighbourhood and observe how they behave around them and if the need arises coach them on getting along well

Give ample chance of mingling with other kids