Dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend as they are loyal, obedient and give unconditional and selfless love to their masters

However, some popular pet dog breeds are quite intelligent too and it becomes evident according to the way they respond to their masters’ questions

Renowned psychologist Stanley Coren in his book The Intelligence of Dogs has named these dog breeds as the most intelligent of canines.

Border Collies are the No. 1 intelligent species of dogs as they can learn a new command thoroughly if they can listen to it for five times

Poodles are the cutest, most lovable and highly preferred pet breeds nowadays because they are super friendly and can respond to humans very well

From serving as police dogs to medical assistance dogs, it is no surprise that German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dogs in this planet

Golden Retrievers are another intelligent breed that makes great family pets as they have highly friendly attitude, are good in sports and are awesome protectors

Besides their keen intelligence, Doberman Pinschers are also the world’s finest protection dogs because of their sleek powerful physique

Shetland Sheepdogs are intelligent adorable dogs whose affectionate nature can melt any blues of their masters

Labrador Retriever’s friendly and playful attitude makes them good pets but their intelligence makes them suitable to be trained for doing rescue or therapy works

With unique butterfly shaped ears, Papillons are toy spaniels that are sociable and highly intelligent as they are quick to learn new tricks

Rottweilers are extremely strong and intelligent dogs due to which they had been used to pull carts in past but are used for guarding and rescue works today

As the name suggests, Australian Cattle Dog were used for looking after cattle in Australia but also make good family pets due to their protective and playful nature