Here are some of the most bizzare or may be unique Pani Puri options

Gastro Pani Puri

This one would cost you Rs 250 plus taxes for a plate of 8 and Rs 325 plus taxes for a plate of 12.

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This variety is available at Lower Parel in Mumbai. These are served with jeera pani in a test tube and imli chutney in an injectable vaccine.

Multi-Flavoured Pani Puri

This one can be found at 90 Ft Above at Borivali. While some might be traditional or an improvised version, some of the flavours might be bizzare. 

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This one serves options, including pudina, pomegranate and pina colada. On plate consisting of eight would cost you Rs 185.

Non-Veg Golgappas

While the traditional panipuri has always been vegetarian, this one gives a shocker. Craftbar in Bandra East would charge you Rs 415 for a six pani puri that would be absolutely non-veg.

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You can get you tastebuds meet Prawn Golgappas coupled wiht Solkadi instead of the jeera pani.

Alcoholic Golgappas

Pratab, the Dhaba in Andheri West will get you drooling into a very unique for of pani puri taste. While not for everyone, this place will have you pay Rs 243 for a plate of an unique or may be bizzare pani puris.

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This place will give Vodka Pani Puri changing the definition of shots.

Chocolate Golgappas

Of all this the pani puri, this one has to be the most bizzare on. Goila’s Butter Chicken at Andheri West gives you Chocolate Golgappas

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While most reviews would say this taste good, many term it to be blashphemy. However, you have to play Rs 135 for a plate of 4 puris.