Hot summer days always make us long for huge tubs of ice cream

Besides being an absolutely sinful delicious dessert, ice cream provides us a way to beat the heat gleefully

The main problem is that ice-creams are expensive and fly off the shelves too soon

Fret not as you can make a delicious ice cream at home easily with this recipe that requires only three ingredients

You will require only whipping cream, condensed milk and cocoa powder to make this delicious summer delight

First, take a cup of whipping cream in a bowl and keep on whisking it thoroughly till stiff peaks are formed and then keep it aside

Take another bowl and pour half cup of condensed milk in it.

Place a sieve over the bowl of condensed milk and add four tablespoons of cocoa powder in it

Sieve the cocoa powder over the condensed milk and then mix it thoroughly

Keep on adding whipping cream in small amounts over the condensed milk mixture and stir it all the time

After a thick paste is formed, transfer the whole mixture to a tin or mould

Put it in the freezer for about one day so that a perfect texture is achieved

Take the ice cream out of the freezer, garnish it with dry fruits and enjoy it with your family