With increasing cut throat competition in almost all professions, employees are nowadays required to work late into the nights

However, people working in night shifts have to fight sleepiness and tiredness to concentrate on their work properly

Although they get used to it as time passes by, they have to face a lot of challenges especially from the healthcare perspective

Celebrity nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee feels that one of the major challenges of working in night shifts is that it disrupts our 24-hour internal clock that controls our sleep-wake cycles

When a person eats very late at night (as most night employees usually do), it impairs the body’s ability to process carbohydrates which increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases

Meanwhile, irregular and reduced sleep hours leads to an imbalance in hormone production which leads to the onset of obesity

Mukherjee has some healthy tips that can help you combat the adverse effects of having to work in the night shifts-

Eat after every 4 hours to keep your weight in check but do not consume anything in between

Keep healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, roasted chana, khakhras etc. to munch on during your morning breaks

Include a generous portion of vegetables in the form of salads and also eat fruits, jowar chapatis, brown rice, wheat bread

Enjoy protein packed food items like paneer, soy nuggets and green leafy vegetables with your meals

Stay away from fat laden and fibre deficient food like pizzas, burgers, pav bhaji, white bread, idlis, dosas and sweets